In Chicago (30)

- In Pursuit of My Dream シカゴにて (第30話) - 夢を追い求めて 


I like dreaming. It makes me feel a natural high when I think of something that other people would not dare to do. Some people might dream about winning a lottery. But to me it is only passively wishing for rare luck. 



The most fun part of dreaming is its process to approach the goal. Something that you can indulge yourself with passion. 



There are always nay sayers. If I listen to those around me, my will to achieve my dream is not strong enough. Because I would want to quote them when I hit an obstacle that seemingly is too difficult to go over. 



Living in Chicago had been my long time dream. It took me some serious efforts to come this far. Now that I am in my dream, I want to move forward to the next step. That is to have my blues accepted by the people in Chicago, the capital of the blues. 



Playing blues in the city of Chicago is nothing unique to many musicians in this town. Therefore, I feel I have just arrived at a start line. May The Fates lead me to a new chapter in my life in Chicago – as if a small boat sailing into the ocean. 



I was born and grew up in Japan, but have spent more than a half of my life in the US before I knew it. I feel a bit of my destiny in the fact that my birthday falls on the same date and month as that of the great Mr. Otis Rush. Perhaps I was born under a good sign. 



(This is the end of Chapter 1: “In Chicago”, a total of 30 episodes.) 

(“シカゴにて、第一章” は、これで終わります。ご愛読ありがとうございました。)

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