In Chicago (29)

After 7 months of going at it in Chicago since I came here last Fall, I have finally started cracking the tough nut of its blues market in the city. 



I have some gigs with “J.W. Williams and the Chi-Town Hustlers” in the coming weeks. Whether this will develop further remains to be seen. They play regularly at the premier blues clubs in the city, such as Kingston Mines, The B.L.U.E.S., and Blue Chicago, etc. 

先日来、“J.W. ウィリアムスとチャイタウン・ハスラーズ” とのライブが入った。この先どうなって行くかはまだわからないが。このバンドは、キングストン・マインズ、ザ・ブルース、ブルー・シカゴといった市内の有名なブルースクラブの常連だ。 


In parallel, my own band activity to play in the suburb of Chicago is going strong. A Japan tour with Omar Colman, the Chicago Westside’s blues harpist & singer, is coming up shortly as well. 



In the first few months after I moved to Chicago, I attended all the blues jam sessions happening in the city in order to extend my network. Then for the next few months, I mainly focused on sitting in with the featured bands so that I can gain exposure more professionally on stage. To me, playing my guitar in public was nothing but work on the top of having fun. 



I am grateful that this town is accepting a new comer like myself from out of town. My special thanks go to all the people who helped me to get my career started in the area. It is a bit too long list of names to acknowledge here. 



There is indeed no place like Chicago when it comes to blues music. I would let fate lead my future as the only way from now on seems to be up. 


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