In Chicago (27)

Every time I moved to a new place, I have been fortunate to be able to continue playing music. When I attend the local blues jams or sit in with featured bands for networking, I make an effort to perform my best. 



I usually prepare myself before I leave home however small the occasions are. Because if I leave good impressions to the club owners, musicians, and audience, good words could go a long way and lead to potential opportunities. 



Open blues jams are for the venues to attract customers, and therefore, the experience levels of musicians vary. It is unpredictable how the songs would end up with the players I have never met before. But that is essentially the fun part of blues jams because spontaneity and improvisation would play a big roll. 



In Chicago, there are so many great musicians playing the blues, in particular, countless number of guitar players in town. Accomplished players are naturally self-motivated to practice hard. For me to try to stand out by a nose among them, I have to have my own style. Singing is also crucial if I am to be remembered when I play in public. 



After all, what I have in me is nearly 40 years of digging the traditional Chicago Blues and my genuine passion to play the blues. 



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