In Chicago (25)

I was bitten by the blues bug in my high school days in Japan. Since then I subliminally aspired to come to the US someday. Musically all I had was my passion to play the traditional blues, in particular, so called the Westside Chicago Blues established in the 1960s by such legends as Otis Rush, Magic Sam, and Buddy Guy. 



In retrospect, if I disect my past three decades of living in the US, they consist of three parts: 



(1) My school days in the Midwest. The easiest way to come to the US was to go back to school. Through some blues jams that I attended in my spare time, I landed weekly gigs in downtown Minneapolis. 



(2) Worked daytime on the West Coast while playing music part time. In this period, I diversified my musical taste to soul, funk, and jazz. Encountering gospel music, through the church I attended while I was living in Los Angeles, prompted me to start my singing career. It was a bold move. 



(3) Being a full time musician. I am still surviving after I left my day job 5 years ago. Coming to Chicago last Fall was my long time dream come true. Anything that happens in Chicago beyond this point would be a bonus for me. Meanwhile, I cannot take my time in Chicago for granted either. 



It is the process to make my dream come true that has always been the most fun part and not necessarily the result by itself. Because every time I reached a milestone in my life, that is when I usually start aiming higher and going for more. 



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