In Chicago (24)

When I came to Chicago last Fall, my intention was to find a working band to join first so that I can gain some exposure in the town where I was new. It was fortunate for me to be able to launch my own band much sooner than I expected. 



Having my own activities was my ultimate goal. Because that is the only way to be in control of what I do. It is like being an owner of small business. 



Now whether I can bring my band to the renowned blues clubs in the city remains to be seen. Probably it would take years of effort to build followers of my own. 



And yet I believe in dreams and that is what makes me tick on daily basis. There is a clear line, however, between dreaming and wishfully thinking. Pragmatic optimism is what makes this country a land of opportunity. 



I have a lot to do to keep moving forward. I have no time to be bored. 


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