In Chicago (22)

I am in the middle of winter in Chicago. Indeed it is cold around here this time of the year. Earlier in the week, I finally came down with a cold after boldly doing some midnight creeping in the snowy weather night after night. 



However it is not enough to make me want to pack up and leave. In fact, I consider the winter in Chicago one of the key ingredients of the gritty Chicago Blues sound that I admire. 



As the days go by, I am still extending my network. The renowned blues musicians in Chicago who have let me share their stage so far include the "Who's Who" of the current blues scene in this town. The list will go on as I go along. 



Someday the sun will shine on my back door, as they say, as long as I keep going at it. I know I would never find peace in my soul if I gave up before I am done here. 



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