In Chicago (21)

Over the last weekend, my good friend California Bluesman JC Smith flew in to Chicago to attend the funeral of the legendary Mr. Eddie Shaw. 

先週末、友人のブルースマン JC スミスが、故エディー・ショー氏の葬式に参列するためカリフォルニアからシカゴを訪れた。 


The music that Mr. Shaw recorded with the late great Magic Sam in 1960's has impacted me a lot since my younger years far more than I can describe in words. 



And such legacy as his from its heyday of Chicago Blues is one of the main reasons why I decided to move to Chicago. 



I had briefly met Mr. Shaw a few years ago. His warm personality was contagious. His legacy will live on. 



The morning I heard the sad news, I was hoping that it was not true. But as the day progressed, many people in the blues community in Chicago started mourning the loss. 



That evening I decided to go to Kingston Mines and was able to sit in with Mike Wheeler Band. I had the honor to pay tribute by playing a song called "That's Why I'm Crying", the song Mr. Shaw recorded with Magic Sam Blues Band in 1966. 

その夜、僕はキングストン・マインズで演奏していた、マイク・ウィーラー・バンドに飛び入りさせて頂いた。そこで、ショー氏がマジック・サムと1966年に録音したThat’s Why I’m Crying を演奏して、自分なりの弔いが出来たのは光栄だった。 

(pic: Mr. Eddie Shaw at the Kingstone Mines in June 2015)

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