In Chicago (20)

5 months have passed since I came to Chicago last Fall. My strong will and determination to be successful as a blues musician has brought me where I am now in pursuit of my dream. 



With a few bands, through gigs or sitting in with them lately, I may be very slowly but steadily gaining public exposure in the city. 



This month in February, my own band will go back to the same venue in the suburb of Chicago that we played before. Plus, I have another gig at Buddy Guy's Legends with Omar Coleman Band. 



I have added quite a few songs on my list in the past several weeks. The good old school feel that I try to retain is something that is difficult to be taught. You must have it in you growing up listening to the good stuff. 



With the help of all my new friends in the area, some potential opportunities may be being incubated. But I cannot hope too wishfully as of yet. 



Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels for trying to achieve an unachievable - that is to crack the tough nut of the blues market in Chicago. But if I gave up making efforts, the game would be over for me. It is as simple as just that.



I need to keep on dreaming in order to make my dream come true. 


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