In Chicago (19)

I have recently had opportunities to be on the same stage with several featured bands at local blues clubs in Chicago. 



It is inspiring to directly observe how they perform on stage. Some drive songs strong with their instruments and others do so with singing. 



One thing in common is that it is about the dynamics of songs to draw attention from the audience and keep them engaged. 



It may not be as explicit in studio recording, but in live performance it becomes vividly clear how they build tension in a song, then release it. 



The other day, I saw the great Carl Weathersby playing his electric guitar with the volume down to almost zero in the middle of a song. 



The audience was so quietly into his play holding their breath, the sound of his guitar could still be heard. All the eyes and ears of the audience were locked into his finger move. 



Next moment when he whipped it with his band back in a louder groove, the audience naturally burst into an applause. 



I am fortunate to experience it first hand on stage with some accomplished players. This by itself makes my living in Chicago worthwhile. 



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