In Chicago (16)

In this era of social networks and cyber space, it is crucial for independent musicians like myself to do self-promotion. In good old days, perhaps it used to be like "If you build it, they will come", but those days are long gone. 



Nowadays anyone can record CDs if they have a bit of money to spend in a studio. Recording contract may not be the only definition of professional anymore. 



When I am not playing music, I spend time on drafting my blog or posting advertisements in social networks for exposure. It is an accumulation of daily effort that counts as if small ripples become a big tide eventually. 



I usually stay away from political or racial discussions on social networks, because blues has no such boundaries. 



However, I do respect and pay tribute to the great heritages the city of Chicago offers. That is why I am here. It has been my life long dream to live in this town and I should enjoy every minute of this ride now. 



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