In Chicago (11)



Being introverted, I have never felt comfortable with meeting new people. This aspect of my character caused many awkward moments and contributed to losing opportunities in the past. 



Therefore, it seemed nearly impossible for me to build new networks in the blues community in Chicago before I moved there. 



However, by pushing myself into the corner that I have no choice but to force myself to do it, I was able to meet quite a few musicians and some club owners in Chicago in the last few months. 



I have already done a gig in the area with my own band consisting of the local members. It was gratifying to be called back to perform at the same venue again soon. 



The quality and quantity of Chicago’s blues musicians are high. On the other hand, there are only a limited number of venues where they can perform. The competition becomes cut throat accordingly. 



There is no way of knowing whether I can survive in this new environment or not. I hope I am in an incubation period before a breakout. I have to believe in myself and keep moving forward.


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