Attempt to be a multi-instrumentalist 複数の楽器を演奏する試み


I have recently started playing bass guitar at local blues jams. A few months ago I also started playing drums as a jammer as well 



Knowing how to play multiple instruments helps to know exactly what I want for my band sound. 



The early practice method that fits me best is to find a whole album with varieties of songs that I can play along with day to day. I have a few of those for bass and drums, respectively. 



For example, The Aces’ two studio albums are classic text books to play the traditional Chicago Blues. 



In my opinion, whether I can be fluent in new instruments or not depends on the product of intensity and durations of practice. It would take years of effort to be consumable in public. 



As I already play guitar and harmonica, I am now headed toward all one-man band recording in the not too distant future. 


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