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I write this blog mainly for my band marketing. To widen the range of readers, I recently started updating my blog both in English and Japanese. 



Interestingly, the other day one of my loyal blog readers commented to me that the flows of my writing in some of the stories were somewhat different from other entries. 



I realized that when I write in Japanese first and then in English, the flow is somehow affected in the process of translation. 



It reminded me that a long time ago when I was learning English, I had read that subtle nuances in Japanese are difficult to translate into English. English language has less ambiguity while mind reading behind what is said in Japanese is often considered a part of its culture. 



Even after spending more than a half of my life in the US, it might well be reflecting my cultural background in language. 



Since then, I have lately been writing my blog in English first in an attempt to be succinct. 



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